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SMT production line

Ultra-clean production workshop to ensure a safe and hygienic production environment, a mature SMT production line, equipped with the most advanced Panasonic’s NM-EJM6D dual-rail high-performance placement machine, and Mairay MR-1200A- Type II for reflowing.

smt production line
aoi test

AOI Test

Each of patched PCBA board (FR-4/ENIG boards) will be checked by AOI automatic optical detector, along with the ELT group’s ST100 X-ray’s perspective inspection to ensure each electronic components in its accurate position. It would guarantee the product would work properly.

Overall Test

Each assembled TV box is required to pass the internal professional running test to ensure that there are no quality problems both inside the components and outside, and to ensure a best product quality before shipping Including (boot, Power Indicator (LED), remote control, TF/SD reader, USB port, Music, Media, Photo, AV/HDMI port, Barcode, software version, product packaging and so on).

overall test

Reliable Manufacturing & Laboratory Test Capabilities

printing machine

SMT Production Line GKG-G5 Printing Machine

smt production

SMT Production Line Panasonic NM-EJM6D Printing Machine

reflow welder

SMT Production Line Mairay MR-1200A-II Reflow Welder

aoi tester

PCBA 4 AOI Tester

x ray

X-ray ST100 X Scenograph

Test Equipment

Smart Overall Test System

The industry-specific and unique intelligent detection system facilitates the rapid and efficient detection of products and ensures that all important parts of the product have been tested.

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