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OEM – Customization

We can design motherboards and models according to customer requirements. After the client puts forward the design requirements, Our R&D team will evaluate the feasibility of the plan and the design cycle according to the design requirements. In pursuit of perfection, our R&D will provide some suggestions for improvement to the customer’s design requirements with professional knowledge and valuable experience, and collect feedback from customers. To produce the product can meet customer needs and market needs.


OEM – Motherboard R & D

Motherboard R & D is based on the customer’s requirements (CPU, ddr, flash, wifi, BT, Ethernet, usb3.0/2.0, type-c, sd card, coaxial fiber and other functions), designed to meet the requirements of the schematic ( SCH), then make a BOM list based on the schematic diagram, procurement according to the BOM list to complete the cost quotation and procurement of materials; schematic diagram is completed, the PCB into the schematic network and structure DXF file PCB design, after the PCB design is completed, output Gerber file PCB factory production PCB board.
The models’ research and development are based on the customer’s appearance ID requirements and PCB interface location, interface package, installation method, cooling methods, etc., design 3D mold graphics, 3D model design after the completion of the output Stp file and structure DXF file, Stp file for the production of CNC Hand board, structured DXF file for PCB design. After the PCBA sample is completed and the CNC sample assembly verification is completed, new model is done.


Do market research first, according to market demand (mainly inspect model, configuration, function, new experience) and product planning, confirm the corresponding function and configuration and estimate the cost. After the assessment is passed, design the schematic SCH according to the function and configuration, and then Completion of BOM-production and PCB design, BOM cost calculation and completion of sample material procurement after completion of the design, at the same time the schematic design, 3D mold design at the same time, after the completion of the 3D model design output Stp file and structure DXF file, Stp file For the production of CNC Shouban, the structure DXF file for PCB design. After the PCBA sample verification test is completed and the CNC sample assembly verification is completed, the model is done.

R&D Capability

We have a professional design team, Support Customized for the appearance ID design, Launcher (UI) design, packaging, Logo printing, Apps pre-loaded and so on; Offer the competitive price under the stable quality. Established long-term and friendly cooperation relations with Amlogic, Rockchip, Allwinner, Intel, Realtek.

Production Processes

A: Materials

High-quality raw materials in the industry are used, for example, famous ECOSOLDER solder paste, advanced GKG-G5 automatic scrape paste equipment, to ensure efficient operation and effective cost control. All raw materials are stored according to standard storage methods and can only be put into production after rigorous testing.

B: SMT Production Line

Ultra-clean production workshop to ensure a safe and hygienic production environment, a mature SMT production line, equipped with he most advanced Panasonic’s NM-EJM6D dual-rail high-performance placement machine, and Mairay MR-1200A- Type II for reflowing.

C: AOI Test

Each of patched PCBA board (FR-4/ENIG boards) will be checked by AOI automatic optical detector, along with the ELT group’s ST100 X-ray’s perspective inspection to ensure each electronic components in its accurate position. It would guarantee the product would work properly.

D: Aging Treatment

Each PCBA component was kept powered on for 48 hours. To make sure no abnormal issues, no dead, automatic shutdown, no damage to parts and components. Check if the surface temperature keeps in the normal range. Make sure the TV box can adapt to high-pressure operation.

E: Assembly

Strong and efficient assembly team, keeps a short delivery time, to seize business opportunities for you.

F: Overall Test

Each assembled TV box is required to pass the internal professional running test to ensure that there are no quality problems both inside the components and outside, and to ensure a best product quality before shipping Including (boot, Power Indicator (LED), remote control, TF/SD reader, USB port, Music, Media, Photo, AV/HDMI port, Barcode, software version, product packaging and so on).

G: Data Record

All QC inspection records and data will be stored for at least one year, easy checking and convenient for inspection and retrospection.

H: Production Technical Team And After-sales Maintenance Team

We have professional technical team support, quickly and effectively production technology problem solving, ensure the smooth progress of production and good quality assurance, and after-sales team provides professional maintenance service to customers which in warranty period, no worry after sales.

I: Production Flow Chart

a.Production system flow chart

Supplier raw materials incoming
Warehouse stock
SMT production
NG/OK Quality inspection
DIP production
NG/OK Quality inspection
Machine production
NG/OK Quality inspection

B.Product Process Flow Chart

Raw materials incoming
NG IQC Sampling
Raw materials storage
Material goes online
PCB board baking
Silk screen
SMT patch
Reflow soldering
NG Rebuild QC Visual inspection
NG Rebuild IPQC Sampling
SMT Switchboard
NG DIP Plugin
QC inspection
Over board
Wave soldering
Connecting plate
Cut feet
Pressing parts after welding
Welding point
After welding element
NG Rebuild QC inspection
NG Rebuild Functional detection
NG Rebuild PCBA Visual inspection
Machine assembly
NG Machine inspection
Aging test
NG Machine function test
NG Visual inspection
NG Rework QA Sampling
NG Rework Customer sampling


Production management strictly implements 6s standard,  ISO9001 quality system and TUV certification approved, and products are certified by CE/FCC/NCT/RoHS/TC.

Reliable Manufacturing & Laboratory Test Capabilities

printing machine

SMT Production Line GKG-G5 Printing Machine

smt production

SMT Production Line Panasonic NM-EJM6D Printing Machine

reflow welder

SMT Production Line Mairay MR-1200A-II Reflow Welder

aoi tester

PCBA 4 AOI Tester

x ray

X-ray ST100 X Scenograph

Test Equipment

Smart Overall Test System

The industry-specific and unique intelligent detection system facilitates the rapid and efficient detection of products and ensures that all important parts of the product have been tested. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

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